Message from our CEO Joshua Kelly:

Dakota Weather Consultants was established and founded with the mission of providing
a new approach to Long Range Weather Forecasting. We at Dakota Weather Consultants
strive to provide another option of Long Range Weather Forecasting
using our very own in-house model known as Climo-Dome.

Climo Dome allows us to see events out to 6-9months in advance and then, we take our
Meteorological background and bring it into forecast data that
our customers can use to help when planning and making decisions within their own

With over 15yrs of weather experience in both short term and long term forecasting,
for the US Military and private sector, I as the CEO of Dakota Weather Consultants,
make sure to strive in bringing better long range weather to
you the customers.

We also have a wide array of customers that are part of our Climo-Dome Long Range Outlook services
from the Large Agriculture Operations, to the
smaller private weather companies and Farms and Ranches.

Our small team of Meteorologist work at providing you that Long Range Weather
and also day to day operational weather that you may need.

Contact us and let the team at Dakota Weather Consultants help your company.