How would you like to join our team? We are currently looking for an
independent sales rep. Do you have what it takes to make it as a energetic
sales person? The right person for the job? If you like setting your own
hours and commit to your work, then this may be for you. As our independent
sales rep you will be doing a combination of Cold Calls/Emails/Sales sheet
database updates/ and a Weekly Report/Monthly Conf Call with leadership. If
you are still reading this then you are who we need at Dakota Weather Consultants.

COMPENSATION: This is a commission position. You make the sale you
get paid. We know that is hard so we make sure that you get a nice size
commission, right now you will earn 50% of the initial sale and then
continue to earn 10% for each month after the sale month. You will continue
to receive this benefit for 1 year of that sale.

WHAT WE NEED: A person with some sales experience, self-motivation, customer
service and of course the desire to succeed.

WHERE YOU WILL WORK: From the comfort of your own house/office.

WHEN WILL YOU WORK: You set your time, we will only have deadlines on our
weekly reports and the conference call all other items are on your time.

OK so if your still reading this then its time to apply:
Send us a resume and good contact email/phone number so that we may get in touch
with you if selected, send all this to

EMAIL: dakotaweatherconsultants@yahoo.com